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Lychee Fishing Park offers fishermen the opportunity to catch a variety of large fish in a pleasant relaxing environment, using high-quality European tackle.


We have experienced fishing guides that can offer as much or as little help as needed, so even if you have never fished before or it's been a long time and you're a bit rusty, help is always on hand.

When you book with us, the price includes:

  • Your own personal fishing area with table and chairs shaded under a large umbrella.

  • Rod pod with bite alarms.

  • 1 Set rod with bait running reel.

  • All hook baits.

We are located next to the Mui Wo, Fire Station.

Lychee Fishing Park stocks:

  • Common Carp over 30lbs.

  • Grass Carp over 28lbs.

  • Rohu Carp to 16lbs

  • White Carp over 8lbs.

  • Koi Carp over 10lbs.

  • Amazon Redtail Catfish over 16lbs.

  • Swai Catfish over 20lbs.

  • Pacu over 16lbs.

  • Alligator Gar over 28lbs.

  • Flathead Catfish over 22lbs.

Hong Kong's Only European Fishing Park
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